Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Charmed, I'm sure....

Every so often, rare though it may be... I take a moment to breathe.
During these breathes, I experience brief flashes... moments in life, words spoken, ideas reached, unexpected realizations.

Today I realize how incredible it all is, how incredible She is...

I have always known that I would, eventually, want a family filled with the chaos of children.  Little did I know that when my journey began "eventually" would have taken so incredibly long.  Yet, here I am... standing beside one of the most amazing people I will ever know.

We have been actively trying to conceive (TTC) for three months now.  Our lives have been filled with so much life that in the four years we have had together this seems like the most natural progression.  We have survived being shoveled from decision to decision throughout our lives before one another, and now we have found the rock named just for us... a place to plant our flag and build a history.

                  Today my (our) Grandmother almost tried to leave us. 

...she sure tried, but Cindarella met this brute force of fear with a strong heart. Tonight our Gram is resting and safely from harms way, thanks to the strength of such an amazing lady as my Cinda.  Tonight my Grandfather IS in harms way, on respiration and feeding tubes.  Seems Parkinsons has an awful sense of purpose, it's purpose being awful.  I will not even begin to discuss the issues that arise whenever I think of my Mother who suffers many issues... Again, without my Princess... these facts alone could so easily crush my spirit, but have not.

Amidst all of these things, I waiver not from our future vision.  I look forward to TTC for the third time... and am even more excited about a second pregnancy... ecstatic about making our way past the last record (6 weeks).... DETERMINED to meet our child face to face someday.

I find my life very blessed, full of challenge, successful and beautiful... and there I also find myself to be unbelievably charmed because of... ,none other than... , my Cindarella.

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  1. So glad you started your own blog, I'm amazed by you and your cinderella! It's also nice that we are on the same TTC roller coaster and cycles are even almost the same. It will happen for all of us! Lets hope it happens at the same time!